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Mobo cruiser - Stroll

Mobo Stroll 概念提案





The Stroll begins as an infant stroller and evolves into a child’s first bike that your child can use throughout grade school.

The Stroll 是一台從嬰兒車開始發展成孩子的第一台腳踏車讓你的孩子能一直使用至小學


Designed at Young & Hungry

Mobo Stroll Toddler tricycle/ 兒童三輪腳踏車產品圖

華航倫敦直飛 The Queen - Print ads / 女王篇 - 平面廣告 概念

Mobo Stroll Showcase video/ Showcase 影片

Mobo Stroll 

The Stroll is a convertible cruiser that takes advantage of the adjustable frame currently unavailable to toddler cruisers, positioning the Stroll as a cruiser unlike any other on the market. Treating this new cruiser as a convertible and not merely as a one-category cruiser allowed for our designers to develop new concepts for easy transformation by adding detachable parts. 
The Stroll

Mobo Wagon 

Once the child no longer needs to be driven by their parent, the child gets to finally attach their wagon onto the Stroll cruiser. This acts as a right of passage for a child developing out of their toddler phase. Once the child moves into a higher age bracket, they can simply remove their wagon.

一旦孩子不再需要由他們的父母來推動腳踏車,他們可以將手推車與The Stroll鏈結。這個階段是嬰兒逐漸成長為兒童的時期的表現。當孩子成長到更高齡的階段他們也可以很簡單的將手推車移除。

Mobo Stroll Digital experience and showroom/ 數位體驗和實體展示空間

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